Pin badge 25mm 

Leading up to Brexit Day (originally the 29th of March and now 31st of October 2019), we ask people to celebrate their own national and racial identity and the racially diverse nature of contemporary British society by wearing a ‘Foreign’ badge. The wearing of an indicator of ones otherness makes reference to a time when this was a requirement and is a reminder of the risks of scapegoating groups and the ultimate cost of racism and racial hatred. One of the many consequences of Brexit has been that it has legitimised some forms of racism and given a voice to those who wish to devalue the contribution that foreigners have made to the United Kingdom. We hope that this project will be a small opportunity to celebrate all those who live and work here, who started out somewhere else, or whose parents made the United Kingdom their home. We would ask everyone regardless of national or racial identity to celebrate the contributions of foreigners by wearing a ‘FOREIGN’ badge. 

The work was exhibited in the Re-re-imagining Citizenship exhibition, Martin Hall exhibition space, Loughborough University, March 2019.

  • If you would like a badge to wear, please let us know via the contact page, and we will post one to you. 

All the elements of this project will be collected in an ebook, should you wish to contribute a photo of you wearing your foreign badge and are happy for it to be included in future publications and exhibitions, please send it via the contact page. Your name will not appear with the image but if you would like your name to be included in the contributors page let us know. 

Trafalgar Square – 12th of October 12-2pm. We distributed badges and information in conjunction with the 3million and Extinction Rebellion events that took place at the same time.